Intuitively Connecting With Your Crystals

Intuitively Connecting With Your Crystals
Intuitively Connecting With Your Crystals
Last updated 6/2022
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Connect with your crystals on a deeper level.
What you'll learn
Discover your unique intuitive type
Choose the right crystals for you
Decipher crystal meanings
Connect more deeply with your crystals
No experience needed, but you should have at least one crystal to work with!
Learning about crystals these days can be confusing with so much conflicting information out there! The truth is, it's all true! And it's all not true. Everyone's truth is their own, and this mini-course is intended to help you discover your own truth about your intuition and what your crystals can do for you. There are no rules, there is no right or wrong. The best tool to connect with our crystals is our own intuition. While this course will give you a good foundation, your best teacher is yourself, and you should never stop learning!Learn how to find your own unique intuitive gifts, strengthen your intuition, decipher the confusing crystal information out there, and connect with your crystals on a deeper level.This mini-course includes: 30 minutes of valuable content in 3 ModulesLearn about different psychic senses and chakrasLearn how to decipher crystal meanings and come up with your ownLearn about using intention and sensing energyGuided meditation at the end of the course No prior experience is necessary and this course is open to all levels of crystal lovers and skeptics. However, be sure to have at least one crystal to use for the meditation at the end of the course.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Intuitively Connecting With Your Crystals
Section 2: Tapping Into Your Unique Intuition
Lecture 2 Finding Your Unique Intuitive Type
Lecture 3 Reflection Questions
Lecture 4 Getting In Touch With Your Chakras
Section 3: Choosing The Right Crystals For You
Lecture 5 Your Intentions and Experience Level
Lecture 6 Deciphering Crystal Meanings
Lecture 7 Exercise
Section 4: Have Your Crystals Work With You, Not For You
Lecture 8 Intention and Communication
Lecture 9 Sensing Energy and Putting It All Together
Lecture 10 Give it a try!
Section 5: Meditation To Intuitively Connect With Your Crystals
Lecture 11 Meditation to Intuitively Connect with Your Crystals
Crystal lovers who want to connect more deeply with their crystals