Master Typing On The Keyboard -Learn & Practice Touch Typing

Master Typing On The Keyboard -Learn & Practice Touch Typing
Master Typing On The Keyboard -Learn & Practice Touch Typing
Last updated 6/2022
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Type on the keyboard like a pro without looking - Touch typing tips to become a fast typist on the keyboard.
What you'll learn
Master typing on the keyboard without looking
Creating the right muscle memory that you need to master the keyboard like hackers
Improving your typing accuracy and speed up to 100 WPM
Typing on the keyboard subconsciously
Any keyboard will do fine.
Typing on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard is a skill. It's the ability to use muscle memory to find the keys, without using the sense of sight, and with all of your fingers. Each key on the keyboard is associated with a specific finger. With the right practicing and learning how to type each key you'll be able to improve your typing speed and accuracy.What is the benefits of this course?-Creating the right muscle memory that you need to type fast on the keyboard.-Knowing our home row and how important it is.-Increasing your speed and focusing on your accuracy. -Teach you how to type each key correctly.-Practicing until we become masters of the keyboard.-Typing on the keyboard subconsciously without thinking about it.-Making some challenges to exceed your speed limit!"Every Expert Was Once A Beginner" I started with 12 WPM, Now I can type up to 100 WPM.No matter how slow you are, you can be way faster, with the right knowledge and practicing with me in this courseyou'll be able to reach your highest speed. however, you can go beyond any score that've got!You can start now and make a brand new beginning!
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Avoid These Mistakes
Lecture 3 Home Sweet Home
Lecture 4 Placing Your Hands On The Keyboard
Lecture 5 Rank Of Each Finger
Section 1: Generals Mission
Lecture 6 Left General Keys
Lecture 7 Mastering The Left General
Lecture 8 Right General Keys
Lecture 9 Mastering The Right General
Section 2: Ring Colonels Mission
Lecture 10 Left Ring Colonel Keys
Lecture 11 Mastering The Left Ring Colonel
Lecture 12 Right Ring Colonel Keys
Lecture 13 Mastering The Right Ring Colonel
Section 3: Middle Colonels Mission
Lecture 14 Left Middle Colonel Keys
Lecture 15 Mastering The Left Middle Colonel
Lecture 16 Right Middle Colonel Keys
Lecture 17 Mastering The Right Middle Colonel
Section 4: Marshalls Mission
Lecture 18 Left Marshall Keys
Lecture 19 Mastering The Left Marshall
Lecture 20 Right Marshall Keys
Lecture 21 Mastering The Right Marshall
Section 5: Other Keys & The Numbers
Lecture 22 Shift Key, Backspace and Enter
Lecture 23 Quick Look On The Numbers
Lecture 24 How To Type Each Number Correctly
Section 6: How I Type
Lecture 25 Quick Typing Test
Lecture 26 My Normal Speed
Lecture 27 My Hands In Slow Motion
Section 7: Typing Speed Challenge
Lecture 28 My Typing Speed
Lecture 29 Practice Makes Perfect
Lecture 30 How Far You Can Go After 1 Month Of Practicing?
Anyone who's interesting on becoming more productive and efficient on the computer.