Marginal Costing

Marginal Costing
Marginal Costing
Last updated 6/2022
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Variable Costing, Break-Even Analysis, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
What you'll learn
Know the meaning of Marginal Cost
Understand the various terms associated with Marginal Costing Technique
Understand and appreciate the role of Marginal Costing in Decision Making
Apply Marginal Costing into your academics or practical business world
You do not need any exceptional skill to understand this beautiful concept of Marginal Costing Technique which can help you academically or practical in dealing with the subject related to Cost. A basic analytical and mathematical skill will take you through the whole course.
This course is intended for all the students and working people who need to understand about the variable costs, fixed costs, marginal costing technique, and how this is a great tool to increase your business profits by better decision making approach. We will learn about contribution margin, break-even analysis, concept of margin of safety, limiting factor, buy or make decisions. Applying these concepts into your day to day business can create remarkable difference in your profitability. This course is also suited to all students of commerce, MBA, CA, CS, CWA, CPA, ACCA who have this topic in their curriculum. Along with course, we shall solve lot of questions to understand our learning in a better way. The course starts by introducing the audience to the concept of nature of costs, their variable nature and impact of the same on the total costs, and resultant profits.We then move to understand the idea of contribution, computing the contribution ratio and using it to easily arrive at various points - Break-even sales, Required Sales for a target profit.After this, we move on to understand the concept of margin of safety which is very useful to understand the strength of a business. More the margin of safety, the better a firm is placed to deal with uncertainty of future.We then move on to understand how the whole marginal costing technique can be used to make decisions in order to maximise our bottom-line i.e. profits.You would surely like the lucid and simple way in which the whole course is delivered.
Section 1: Introduction to the Types of Costs
Lecture 1 Types of Costs based on nature or variability
Section 2: Introduction to Marginal Costing
Lecture 2 Understanding the meaning of Contribution, Contribution ratio
Lecture 3 Problem 1 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 4 Problems 2 & Problem 3 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 5 Concept of Margin of Safety
Lecture 6 Problem 4 to Problem 8
Lecture 7 Problem 9 & 10 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 0 Problem 11 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 0 Problem 12 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 0 Problem 13 on Marginal Costing
Lecture 0 Limiting Factor or Key Factor - Problem 14, 15
Lecture 0 Decision Making using Marginal Costing - Problem 16, 17
Students studying Cost Accounting or People in the role of growing their organisation.