Enrichment Of Vocabulary

Enrichment Of Vocabulary
Enrichment Of Vocabulary
Last updated 6/2022
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Step-by-step guidelines for teachers of nursery, kindergarten, preprimary schools
What you'll learn
Enrich your child's vocabulary
Provide seven different tried and tested method for developing the vocabulary of children aged 2 to years
Provide suggestions and guidelines to teachers and parents to continue building on these ideas
Provide concrete lessons to teachers to help them plan their activities in building the children's vocabulary
No experience or skills required.
A desire to give the best to your child and a ready and open mind to learn more.
This course has a systematically laid out plan with detailed descriptions of the method and materials that can be used by teachers to help them prepare, plan and execute their lessons on Enriching their children's vocabulary.It is highly recommended that parents of home-schooling children take up these lessons that are specially designed for children aged 21/2 years to 6 years. There are in all Seven different activities that have been successfully used by Montessori schools over the last more than 100 years. Besides, I have included additional suggestions of what has worked effectively in my own Montessori schools.There is a special Bonus - The 3-Period Name Lesson that is extremely detailed. Very rarely you will come across such detailed description and understanding of the 3 periods, what they are, how they work, how they need to be planned etc. This is a special lesson pulled out from our Diploma Course for Montessori Training of Teachers.It works so effectively, that it can be adapted to any curriculum you follow. It can be implemented for children of all ages. You may even use it for learning a foreign language or in learning names in fields such as Botany, Zoology, Geography etc.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Enrichment of Vocabulary - 7 Activities + Bonus - 3 Period lesson in Montessori
Lecture 2 Enrichment of Vocabulary Activities 1 and 2
Lecture 3 Enrichment of Vocabulary Activities 3 and 4
Lecture 4 Enrichment of Vocabulary Activity 5
Lecture 5 Lecture 5 - Enrichment of Vocabulary Activities 6 and 7
Lecture 6 3-Period Name Lessons - a precious nugget from the Montessori Method
Lecture 7 Conclusion to Enrichment of Vocabulary
Teachers of Preprimary, nursery, Montessori schools and parents and grandparents of children aged 2 years to 6 years.