Epic Landscape Editing - Zach Doehler

Epic Landscape Editing - Zach Doehler
Epic Landscape Editing - Zach Doehler
Expert Photography
Instructors: Zach Doehler
9 Episodes | Duration: 5.5-hour
Video: MP4 1920x1080 44 KHz | English
Level: Beginner | Size: 6.789 GB

If there was a simple way to edit your landscape photos in Lightroom so quickly and so beautifully that your friends begged you for prints. would you be interested?

What if you knew the most efficient way to breathe new life into your old photos in minutes, not hours. would you find the task less daunting?
Here's something few people know. You can edit your photos in Lightroom, 10x better than you can imagine now, just by following a simple process.
Pictures so striking and vibrant that others might accuse you of outsourcing your processing to a professional. You don't need a PhD in computer science, and you don't need expensive training.
All you need is the right approach.
Introducing: "Epic Landscape Editing"
This 5.5-hour video course shows you how to transform your landscape photos into mesmerizing works of art.
Zach uses a number of different editing techniques. These range from simple compositional tricks. to the adjustment brushes and graduated filters and more.
And the best part of Zach's process is that it works on all of your old photos too.
All you need is this video course and its powerful bonuses (more on those below).
With "Epic Landscape Editing", you'll soon discover
Easy ways to breathe new life into all of your old landscape photos
Unique techniques to find and highlight the beautiful details hidden in your RAW files
Step-by-step editing walkthroughs to transform your landscape photos into mesmerizing scenes
Two techniques to replace a dull sky in Photoshop
How to develop a colorful and unique atmosphere using the Calibration and HSL panels in Lightroom
An easy way to create a dreamy effect by developing the light source in Lightroom
The compositional tips and tricks a professional landscape photographer uses to capture dramatic scenes
Zach covers the editing process for nine of his most viral images. Each of them is broken down into several bite-sized videos averaging seven minutes in length.
This includes inspiration behind the photo. tweaks using the Develop tab in Lightroom. color & image transformation. and final touches in Photoshop.
This gives you a complete overview of the master techniques of a professional landscape photographer and digital artist.
And to make the process even simpler, Zach has provided the RAW files of the images in the course. So you can follow along and practice using his exact shots.
Breathe New Life Into Your Landscape Photos
Have you ever come home from a landscape shoot disappointed?
Perhaps the sunset wasn't as striking as you'd hoped. or the weather had changed just before you arrived.
As a landscape photographer, I totally understand these frustrations.
But the great thing about Zach's approach is that you can still turn those "disappointing" photos around. elevating them to the type of photo you were trying to capture in the first place.
In the final project, he even covers how to replace the sky in Photoshop using two different techniques.
Edit Your Landscape Photos Into Stunning Works of Art Within Minutes

You've mastered a range of new Lightroom techniques that will allow you to enhance your landscape images.
Execution isn't a problem, because you clearly understand the logic behind each editing decision.
You excitedly open up Lightroom and find a landscape image that didn't initially meet your expectations.
Within a few minutes of editing the RAW file, you have uncovered some of the beautiful details hidden inside the image.
Five minutes later you've transformed your landscape photo into a work of art.
It's more vibrant, colorful, clear, and eye-catching.
The only thing left is to add some finishing touches, and watch it go viral on social media.
Course Breakdown
9 Projects for Eye-Catching Landscape Edits (Value $199)
Project 1 – Cloudy Conditions
In order to create a dark and moody image, Zach uses the Linear Gradient tool that allows him to bring down the exposure, giving the sky a stormy look.
And by using an Adjustment Brush, he brings more focus to the center of the image.
Project 2 – Sunny Skies
To draw the viewer's attention to the focal point of the image, Zach tweaks the HSL sliders by adjusting the hue and saturation of the blues in the sky.
Then uses a Radial Filter to create a light source in the image.
Project 3 – Foggy Conditions
Zach brings out the colors of the alpine meadow in the foreground by tweaking the HSL panel.
And creates a dreamy look in Photoshop by adding an Orton effect.
Project 4 – Sunrise & Sunset
Zach uses the Masking tools to bring out the colors of the sky, and mimic the same colors in the water. All this, while maintaining the focus on the sky.
Then he removes unwanted details from the foreground by using the Spot Healing Brush tool in Photoshop.
Project 5 – Golden Hour
Zach blends 3 images creating the perfect HDR to prepare his photo for editing.
And gets rid of the harsh edge of the lens flare to make it more natural in Photoshop.
Project 6 – Layered Landscapes
By reducing the highlights in the sky, and using the Color Grading tool, Zach brings out the warmer tones of the image.
Using the Detail panel and adjusting the Masking slider he's able to bring out the finer details of the mountains.
Project 7 – Fall Fairytales
Zach uses Lightroom's full range of capabilities to make the colors stand out.
Contrasting the shape and structure of this majestic tree.
Project 8 – Long Exposure Photography
Zach brings out the details of the mountains in the background by adjusting the whites and shadows in the Basic Panel.
Then he adds texture to the night sky by brightening and enlarging a few stars using the masking tools.
And finally, he adds shooting stars by erasing traces of a straight white line.
Project 9 – Milky Way Blends
Zach walks you through two different ways to replace the sky in the image. First, he covers the old way, by using the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop. Then shows you the new Sky Replacement Tool too.
Finally, using the Color Range tool he creates a light source that he places between the background and the foreground layers to give the image a natural glow.
New Bonus

Added: 60-Minute Lightroom Starter Course (Value: $99)
If you've never used Lightroom before, the idea can be quite daunting.
There are so many buttons and sliders, it's hard to know how everything works.
The good news is, that it's fairly intuitive to use. And Zach has created a 60-minute course that covers the nine most important sections of the software
Basic Panel, Tone Curve, HSL
Color Grading, Detail & Lens Correction, Transform & Effects, Export
Calibration & Cropping, Masking Tools, Range Mask
If you're just starting with Lightroom, this is everything you need to get up to speed today. And it works great with this new course that we've created.
If you wanted to master the basics of Lightroom editing, grab this limited-time bonus now before it's gone!