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VovSoft M3U8 Downloader 1.5
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M3U8 is a special file type that is used by various audio and video playback websites. It includes all the information that is necessary to download media files. Big video streaming sites use Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver video. HLS or DASH can be used for that, but they work pretty much the same way. A large MP4 file is broken into a bunch of smaller video files and a manifest file is created to tell the video player how to play the stream. That manifest file is the M3U8 or M3U file. The biggest advantage of using ABR is that you can package different quality levels (bitrates) together and the player can switch between them depending on the network connection.

Download M3U8
You can easily download live video streams, video files and audio files by using "M3U8 Downloader" software. Basically it is an online video extractor software. All you need to do is add any M3U8 URL and click the "Download" button.

How to detect M3U8 streams
Stream detector browser extensions can directly give you M3U8 filenames, however you can still get these files without any extensions. Open Google Chrome's "developer tools" and click the "Network" tab. Then, navigate to the page with the media and get it to start playing. Filter the list of files to "m3u8". If you are able to copy the URL, you can download the stream using "M3U8 Downloader".

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