Cook'n Recipe Organizer X3 13.9.4


Cook'n Recipe Organizer X3 13.9.4
Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 454.45 MB

Transform your cooking experience with the new features in Cook'n X3! For years, Cook'n users have been clamoring for the ability to add multiple food photos to their recipes and the ability to print themed recipes. Cook'n X3 delivers! Cook'n X3 also makes it easier than ever to find recipes on the internet with Search Suggestions. And, the new Capture Plugins for web browsers makes capturing internet recipes super simple!

New Features:
- Print Themed Recipes
- Add Multiple Photos to Your Recipes
- New Capture Plugins for Your Web Browser
- Search Suggestions
- Recipe "Save As" Feature
- Special Character Menu
- Publish Your Cookbooks Online
- New Look & Feel
- Print a Cookbook from Recipes in your Categories
- Much More!

Print Themed Recipes
When you print recipes from Cook'n X3, you can choose to print them exactly as they appear in Cook'n. Recipe sharing just got taken to the next level of fun!

Add Multiple Photos to Your Recipes
Now you can add multiple food photos to your recipes. Easily display photos of each step of the recipe directions.

New Capture Plugins
The Cook'n Capture Plugin is an extension for your web browser that makes it super easy for you to Capture any recipe at any point in time. Now, when you find a good recipe, just click the Cook'n strawberry icon in your web browser to Capture it.

Search Suggestions
Finding great recipes just got a whole heck of a lot easier. As you begin typing your search term, Cook'n X3 will suggest several of the most common search phrases and automatically complete your search request for you to save you typing time and give you good ideas of things to search for. If you're like me and you can never remember exactly how to spell "fetta..fetta...whatsit alfredo" you're gonna love this new feature!

Recipe "Save As" Feature
The new "Save As" button makes it easy for you to tweak your recipes without changing the original. Simply make your changes and then click "Save As!"

Special Character Menu
With Cook'n X3, it's easy to add the degree symbol ° and other special characters like the é in sauté and the ñ in piña colada.

New Look & Feel
Using Cook'n was never so fun! The colorful interface will brighten your day.

The new Cookbook Library
View displays a picture of each of the cookbooks in your library making it easy to browse cookbooks and find just what you are looking for.

The new Cookbook View
Replaces a text list of chapter names with colorful pictures of each chapter.

The new Chapter View
Replaces a text list of recipe names with colorful pictures making it easier than ever to find the recipe you are looking for.

The new Shopping List Screen
Replaces the cold computer feel with a warm human element. Making shopping lists and browsing the cookbooks, chapters, and recipes in your Cookbook Library just got about 10 times more fun with the new user interface in Cook'n X3!

Print a Cookbook from Recipes in your Categories
With Cook'n X3, you can categorize recipes from all different cookbooks and print those recipes in a cookbook format!

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit).


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