SQL DXP for SQL Server and MySQL


SQL DXP for SQL Server and MySQL
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Cross Platform Compare and Sync Schema and Data for SQL Server and MySQL.

Cross Platform Compare
SQL DXP can compare like for like databases, so SQL Server to SQL Server the same way that SQL Delta performs a compare. In addition SQL DXP can compare different database servers and transfer the schema and/or data across different platforms.

Schema Compare
SQL DXP will convert various objects of the source database into compatible objects for the target database. For example MySQL to SQL Server converts the MySQL database into a SQL Server form so the compare is then like for like.

It is important to note that not all objects and properties can be converted. MySQL doesn't support the feature set of SQL Server however the objects are left as is to show the entire schema of the source database.

Data Compare
The cross platform data compare can be more closely aligned given common data types. Data compare provides a convenient way to transfer data from two different platforms with a very common use transferring web based MySQL data back into a backend SQL Server database.

Whats New:
Fixed issue where data of some blob types was not shown in schema view projects
Fixed data compare sort value(s) issue where in rare cases a sort column is not used
Fixed issue connecting to MariaDB reporting database version unknown
Fixed issue with some extended property scripts incorrectly adding other elements that are not required to be scripted
Changed compare and now uses Ignore script case for constraint values instead of ignore object name case
Fixed issue with recreate table script not including some columns due to data type mismatch
Improved alerts display
Improved Trusted Assembly scripting
Fixed FullText index to support neutral (0x0) language resource
Fixed incorrect scripting for some cases of updating table with timestamp
Fixed scripting default not including constraint name in some cases
Bug Fixes


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